Trek's Speed Concept takes revolutionary design paired with a groundbreaking aero shape to make the cleanest integration of brakes, cables, storage and electronics ever seen on a bicycle. It's the fastest way to the finish. (Click images to enlarge.)

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Faster, lighter, more aero. The Speed Concept pulls out all the stops with unprecedented aero integration of cables, the revolutionary Speed Fin, and a 30% reduction in frontal area. And it gets even better: It's even lighter than before. Cross winds greatly affect the aerodynamics of a bike. Most TT bikes have low drag when the wind is straight on, but in the real world, it's almost always a cross wind. The Speed Concept's Kammtail shape maintains its full aero benefits at any yaw angle. The result? Your bike is faster in every situation. Carry all the gear you need during training and in races. The Speed Concept's Storage is so well intergrated into the frame that you and your bike are actually more aerodynamic and faster with it than without.
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Even the quick-release skewers on the Speed Concept increase its speed. Trek integrates them into the shape of the bike for faster aerodynamics. Computer sensors create unwanted dirty air—but not if you build them seamlessly right into the frame. The Speed Concept is the first TT bike to integrate electronics into its aerodynamic shape. Out of sight, out of the wind. The Speed Concept's brakes are actually built into the frame and fork. This innovative setup results in less drag and cleaner lines—a faster, sleeker, better solution.